Private 3 Day Wildman Course

Thank you for choosing TCSS. This payment will secure your three day event for 1-3 people. Please enter your chosen dates for training. Only the first week of December is unavailable. January and February are fully open.
Day 1-2 Critical Survival Skills:
*Learn to recognize and treat exposure (hypo/hyperthermia)        
*Form a bow and drill friction fire kit (fire with sticks), and other   emergency fire making techniques
*Construct a weatherproof survival shelter
*Learn to make an effective small game trap
*Learn to locate and purify water in the field
*Construct a weatherproof survival shelter
*Learn emergency signaling techniques (air & ground) for rescue
*Understand common wilderness emergencies & their causes
*Produce cordage (string/rope) from wild plants                  
*Learn to cook a meal without pots, pans, or utensils           
*Learn how to react to dangerous snakes & animals
Trapping Add on: Paiute Deadfall and At latl construction
Day 3 Map & Compass
*Understanding the topographic map and it's features
*Understanding and using a navigation compass
*Triangulation (finding your position when lost/your current location is unkown)                                                        
*Learning to use the UTM system and plot co-ordinates on a map
*"Shooting a bearing"
*Forming a reverse azimuth
*Forming a navigation line
*Problem solving in difficult terrain
What to bring:

*A knife. We recommend either; a locking Victorinox swiss knife w/saw and non serrated blade, OR a Leatherman mutitool w/saw, OR a Mora knife for beginners. Base models can be obtained for $20-$35. Non recommended brands are acceptable, however we do not guarantee their performance 

*Tents are allowed though students have the option to sleep in actual survival shelters they make themselves from the environment, no matter what the weather

*A sleeping bag appropriate for the time of year

*A water bottle

*Work gloves

*A Day Pack (school style back pack)

*A headlamp or flashlight

*Foodstuffs- We recommend Mountain House backpacker meals for main courses as they only require hot water to prepare and have a very large menu to select from. Small backpacker stoves like the "Pocket Rocket" or "Jetboil" (can be purchased at REI), or even a Coleman stove(can be purchased at Walmart), will prepare these and your morning coffee very well. MRE's are another easy option. Granola, protein bars, jerky, fruit, etc, are all great options for snacks or lunches. You will have access to your vehicle in the evening so a cooler is ok. There is also a campfire to cook on so feel free to bring cast iron cookware.

*Feel free to bring any favorite survival gear you wish to train with!

*This payment is refundable up to 14 days before the course and can be saved indefinitely as a credit after 14 days. The price is good for up to 3 people.
Private 3 Day Wildman Course
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