Private Alaska Training Event, China Group, February 2019

Thank you for choosing TCSS for your training needs. This non-refundable deposit will seure your February 2019 Alaska training course. You may select any 4 days in February to hold your class, simply notify us before or after making this deposit of your exact dates.
All meals and transportation are included in this course.
Day 1: Pick up from hotel and Introduction to fundamental cold weather survival skills such as; fire making, shelter construction, emergency signals, and traveling across frozen terrain. This lesson would include how to use snow shoes and/or cross country skis.
Day 2: Firearms usage. Introduction to tactical rifle (M4 Carbine and variants) and defensive pistol training (Glock 17). Snowmobile tour of the local area.
Day 3: Firearms usage while on snowshoes/skis and advanced cold weather survival (tracking, hunting, advanced shelters, and more)
Day 4: Precision shooting training, dogsled ride through the local area. Return to hotel.
Final payment is due no later than 14 days before the scheduled start of the event.
Thank you for choosing us and please feel free to contact us with any question or concerns at all!
Private Alaska Training Event, China Group, February 2019
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Price $3,500.00