Private October 27 Survival Event

This payment will secure your private October 27, 2018 Survival Skills Course. This course will be located in Angelus Oaks California. The participants will train in the most essential outdoor survival skills, and walk away with a skill set that can actually be applied to an outdoor emergency. Upon booking, we wil forward you all pertinent course info (driving directions, gear lists, etc).

*Water location and treatment in outdoor emergencies
*All weather fire making including friction fires (making fires by rubbing/spinning sticks)
*Emergency shelter production (we will build a survival shelter from the wild materials around us)
*Emergency signals (how to signal ground crews and aircraft)
*Wound care. How to stop bleeding, clean a wound, and properly dress moderate to severe wounds in the field
*Forming an emergency kit
*Understanding common outdoor emergencies and their causes
Thank you again for training here!
Private Event Refund Policy: This course is 50% refundable withing 10 days of purchase only. However, as we want every customer to get their money's worth, any payment outside the refund policy can be applied to a future event, indefinitely.
Private October 27 Survival Event
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Price $1,000.00