Wilderness First Aid Kit

Non refindable kit includes:

The Pocket Wilderness First Aid Kit

 *Comes in the same triple sealed, waterproof, lightweight case

as our wilderness survival kits.


*Stop bleeding fast with a Kaltostat bandage These bandages are primarily used 

by medical professionals for stopping bleeding and covering oozing 

wounds, as well as to provide a healing environment. These bandages

swell to absorb the fluid and stop bleeding. They can be left on for up to 7 days.

These are the only kits we know of that contains these bandages. 

They are quite costly and can be difficult to purchase... but your

life and safety are worth it.


*Perform pressure wraps, tie splints on, pack large wounds, make 

small bandages, and more with the full roll of sterile gauze.


*Irrigate dirty wounds in the outdoors with the included saline. 

An Essential for proper wound treatment. Clean water is NOT always available on the trail.


*Disinfect wounds with the disinfectant wipes. Compact and easier to carry than gels and sprays.


*Waterproof pressure applying baind-aids that help stop bleeding. The

pads on these band aids swell in contact with blood to apply gentle pressure,

which may help control bleeding.


*4 Butterfly bandages for closing wounds.


*Keep your bandages on in adverse conditions with strong tape.


*Micro razor blade for cutting gauze, tape, and even clothing.


The #1 call dispatched for an injured hiker needing

assistance off the trail; the injured ankle...


*Wrap an injured joint with the included compression bandage.


Treat Medical Conditions & Exposure


*Kill pain, fight fevers, thin blood, and assist with heart attacks with the included aspirin tabs.


*Fight allergic reactions from things  poison ivy, pollen, or bee stings with anti histamine tabs. 

A must in every outdoor serious medical kit.


*Protect yourself from bodily fluids with the non latex gloves.


*The broad spectrum electrolyte replacement/multi-vitamin powder contains sugar and can be 

used to assist with; heat stress, diabetic emergencies involving low blood sugar, and altitude sickness.

Wilderness First Aid Kit
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